« The chain is as strong as its weakest link »


You know this saying that applies well in a company where people have to work in the same direction to achieve a common goal.

During the hiring process, one of the greatest responsibilities of the human resources manager is to divide between the candidates who offer the best potential and those who will hinder the achievement of the objectives set. The process is complex and mistakes are expensive.

To make your job easier, the CCG Group provides trained specialists to highlight the “hidden side” of the candidate you consider hiring. A grain of sand in your gear or the rare pearl?

Whether for the stability of your human capital, the quality of the work environment, productivity or positioning in your market, the benefits of making better choices are many:




Direct communications ensure you have answers to your questions without waiting and develop a relationship of trust with our specialists. You are confident that you make your decisions based on reliable and complete information.

In summary, here’s why our customers use our services:

  • ›  Direct contact | The link between you and the person in charge of your files is direct. You will never have to leave a message to an “account executive” who will have to identify the person who is now handling your current investigation;
  • ›  Experience and stability | Each team of analysts is led by a manager with a minimum of 5 years of experience, and supported by members of teams trained on an ongoing basis to respond effectively and without delay to your needs;
  • ›  Personalized service| Our investigation department has no receptionists or voicemail during office hours. Thanks to the telephone display, you are usually greeted by the person in charge of your files, or a member of your team;
  • ›  Accuracy of information | Our statistics show year after year that almost 14% of the population in the labor market has a criminal record. Nearly double that displayed by the national competition;
  • ›  Quality of information | To save several companies in the market use a call system identical to that used by the customer service companies. This principle of the call assigned to the next available agent means that the files processed for you are processed by people who do not know your file. They are unable to bring out the small nuances and identify inconsistencies. You then make a decision on incomplete information;
  • ›  Professionalism | We serve Canada in the language of your choice in an impeccable manner. Each of our agents speaks professionally with you and with each of the stakeholders to whom we must address on your behalf. You will never receive a comment about us about the quality of our speech and our level of professionalism;
  • ›  Speed and efficiencyOur working procedure allows us to initiate the process as soon as we receive your requests. Our exclusive alert system allows us to inform you within 24 business hours.
  • ›  International Coverage | Our services are available from Interpol’s 190 member countries.






Want to see what we can do for you?

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