Commercial Credit

Due diligence & commercial credit

Get to know the business partners with whom you want to trade!

Commercial Credit

At CCG Group, due diligence and commercial credit reports are a basic precautionary approach aimed primarily at gaining a better understanding of the past of the major suppliers and customers with whom you want to trade.

Whether it’s meeting compliance standards or protecting your reputation and assets, it’s essential to get the most accurate picture of the individuals and companies you want to do business with. The media have been too good reminders in recent years that even the jewels of our economy can have an unenviable hidden face. It is therefore essential to protect your business.

The purpose of the CCG Group’s due diligence is to determine whether the company you are dealing with may affect your reputation and your financial health.

CCG Group specialists do not just report information as conventional commercial credit bureaus do. They put their expertise at your fingertips to identify the little details that go under the radar and can have serious consequences on your finances and your reputation.



Our solutions allow you to determine whether the company is accountable, up-to-date on its records and how it is perceived by its creditors, partners and other organizations in Canada or around the world.

Has it ever been in default of producing its annual returns? How is it perceived by its creditors and suppliers, does it have sufficient liquidity to meet its obligations or must it finance its operations to the detriment of its partners and suppliers?

We determine if any clues can cast doubt on its solvency. Have legal remedies already been initiated against the company and how have the disputes been resolved? And in an increasingly small world, how is society perceived internationally, have economic sanctions already been imposed on it?

We focus on the financial stability of the company and its real estate assets. Are the assets free of all mortgages, and other liens?

Is she financially stable, accountable and has a good reputation?


Directors and shareholders

The problems a company faces in its lifetime usually follow one or more decisions made by the individuals who run it. The diligent audits of the CCG Group focus on the people behind the companies and how they behave.

Since when are they involved in society? What are their payment habits and the level of personal debt? What are the real estate assets held and what are the debts, mortgages and links registered? What is the completed academic level, has the person been in trouble with the law or a professional body?

Our diligent reviews of the company’s directors and shareholders allow you to profile each of the people behind the companies you want to trade with.


NOTE: It is essential to conduct forensic audits prior to any business mergers, acquisitions, purchases of shares, assets and others.

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