Our Approach

Why our customers are satisfied

We treat your requests with the same rigor that we use to evaluate candidates wishing to join our team!

Our Approach

The purpose of an investigation is to establish a precise profile of the candidate by validating the information transmitted, but especially by highlighting its hidden face. The survey allows you to determine if the candidate is the rare pearl or a simple grain of sand in the gear of your hiring process.

In rigorous investigation establishes links and correlations between each of the elements paying particular attention to the smallest detail.


Structure & accuracy

The majority of competing companies of ours use an automated call system to make calls for reference. This « chain-work » method assigns the next call to the first available agent and is limited to gathering information.

It allows the « collection » of information that is glued to other references, but does not allow to establish links between each element. This method, which is valid for surveys, is not valid for surveys.

Our approach | We do not use any automated call system and the assigned case officer is responsible from start to finish. He takes the steps as soon as the file is assigned to him. He collects the information, analyzes it and writes it. The senior analyst reviews it and sends it to you. This rigorous approach makes it possible to identify the small details that pass under the radar of the competition.


Personalized service

One of the recurring comments from customers of the competition is the difficulty of knowing who deals with the files and the obligation to speak at any time to different people who are not familiar with the file.

Our approach | Our customers are assigned a dedicated team. Without a receptionist or voicemail during office hours, the call display ensures that you are always greeted by the person in charge of your files or by a member of your team. This approach assures you of a pleasant customer experience and thanks to the stability of our staff you will be able to build a bond of trust with us.


Quality of Information

Many security companies offer « pre-employment » surveys to round off their monthly ends. These companies assign records to an employee who occupy other key positions in the company, whether at accounting, receiving or otherwise. A company that does not have the right resources is a good indication of the quality of the results.

Our approach | Our agents spend their day producing reports according to the rigorous criteria of the CCG Group. They are trained to identify small nuances and highlight inconsistencies. They excel at providing you with quality reports so you can make a decision on complete information.



After having been approached a few times by agents of a national supplier when we were appointed as previous employers, the problem seems to be recurrent: a lot of difficulty in understanding the agent whether in French or in English and very amorphous when reading his questions.

Our approach | We serve you all accross Canada and USA in the language of your choice in an impeccable manner. Each of our agents speaks professionally with you and with each of the stakeholders to whom we must address on your behalf. We ask you basic questions and develop with you to understand the subject we are investigating. As mentioned above we do surveys and not surveys.


Rapidity and efficiency

Our provider takes a few days to respond, charges us an additional fee to respond to us more quickly and mentions on its website that only 7% of candidates have a criminal record. The CCG Group claims otherwise.

Our approach | Our working procedure allows us to initiate the process upon receipt of your requests and our exclusive alert system allows us to inform you generally in the first 24 hours of a situation that may cast doubt on the integrity of a candidate. It’s hard for us to say why the competition “escapes” so much information, but as far as our statistics are concerned, they align with those of the Federal Police and show year after year that nearly 14% of the population has a criminal record.






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