Pre-employment & Security Screening

The assurance of knowing that specialists are in the position to identify that this candidates are trying to hide you!


The acquisition of talent is complex with a large number of candidates who are willing to do anything to get a job. For them a half truth is not a lie and they use all the ploys to blur you. When you realize that they have passed under your radar, it is too late, they are already at your job.

There are effective solutions to help you identify them before they cost you (hiring, training, layoff and replacement).


Simplify your decision-making

We know that the human resources spearhead is speed. Everything is rolling and everything is required for yesterday!

In order to help you, we establish for you the integrity profile of the candidate in 36 hours or less. We will inform you as soon as a situation requiring the termination of the hiring process is identified. You do not waste time and you can dedicate your efforts to another candidate that meets your needs.

You are more efficient and save money!





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The CCG Group has all the tools to minimize the risks associated with bad hiring. We can help you identify the rare pearl or the simple grain of sand in the gear of your human capital.