Land title search

Land Title Search

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Land title search

Whether you work in the construction industry or in the financial field, title search provides you with essential elements to determine who the real owners of a building are and whether links are registered on the building in question. A Land title search done by competent people saves you a lot of problems.


Some important facts

The information contained in the municipal registers is sufficient to denounce my contract

When there is a transaction the registers of cities and municipalities are updated only a few months after the transaction. Title search is essential to know who the owners are and what links are registered on the building.


I do not need to denounce contracts made for governments and municipalities

Generally speaking, no, but there are exceptions. We recommend that you consult your legal advisor to explain your options. Your first step remains the title search is essential in order to confirm who is the owner of the building in question.


How much time do I have to register a legal mortgage?

If you have terminated your contract appropriately, you have up to 30 days after the completion of the work to register a legal mortgage.




IMPORTANT: In case of doubt or for more information about the procedure of termination of contract, it is recommended to consult a notary or a legal adviser.

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