What sets us apart

What sets us apart from the competition

"We serve each of our customers exactly as we like to be served!"

What sets us apart

Every new customer who decides to “try” our services for the first time does so according to his or her own considerations. Some are referred, while others consult us after experiencing a bad experience with their former provider. They were, however, all “satisfied” with the services they received until they were faced with a problematic situation that had passed under the radars of the supplier in question.

Here are some of the points that meet the needs of our customers and that will certainly help you too, but before we must share a recent experience that demonstrates what distinguishes us from the competition:

Before doing business with the CCG Group we never knew who was handling our files, we had to do with our “account manager” who had to check who had handled the investigation. Now it does not drag.

Quality personalized service

Our investigation department has no receptionists or voicemail during business hours. You always have a direct access to the department and thanks to the telephone display you are welcomed by the person in charge of your files, or by a member of the team that takes care of you.

Thanks to the stability of our staff you will be able to build a bond of trust with us. Each manager of our work teams has a minimum of 5 years of experience within our company. These are professional, competent people who ensure you never waste time talking to an account executive who must try to find the person who worked on your file.

CCG’s approach is dynamic and effective. I especially like being informed quickly when a candidate is a risk to us. We have improved our hiring process and reduced our hiring costs.

Speed and efficiency

Our organization of work is efficient and proven. We initiate the process as soon as we receive your files, which allows us to inform you in 36 hours or less if the candidate has a hidden face requiring the immediate termination of your hiring process. Our services allow you to devote your efforts and energy to the right place.

In-house thefts forced us to review our 125 employees. The CCG Group noted that eight of our employees had not been properly identified by our former national supplier. This mishap has caused us significant financial problems and losses. We realized too late that CCG could have saved us a lot of trouble.

Quality and results

According to the former provider only 7% of the candidates possess criminal background. However, data from the Canadian Government and our annual statistics show that 14% of individuals do. In clear terms, if your hiring is 100 people a year, 14 people have a hidden face and almost 30 people to hire 200 people a year. Ask your current provider to present you the identification statistics for your business, you could avoid bad surprises.


The secret of our success is simple:

“We serve each of our customers exactly as we like to be served!”

Want to see what we can do for you?

The best way to know how we can meet your needs is to start with us. We do not sign an agreement to force you to use our services and you remain free from your choices.