We strive to meet our customers’ needs and with a 97% customer satisfaction rate, we believe that our philosophy of “Serving our customers exactly as we like to be served” has proved its worth over the past 20 years years.

Some of the comments received in recent years include:


DIRECT LINK | What’s more unpleasant than not getting the answers to your questions quickly?

Our clients benefit from a direct link with the person in charge of their files. You will never have to leave a message to an “account manager” who will have to identify who is currently handling your files, or to have any doubts about the answers given to you on your files.

TIME SAVINGS | To minimize the number of agents at their service and limit your interactions with changing staff, several pre-employment providers direct their clients to a self-service portal.

We believe that your workload is already significant and that you should not have to initiate requests yourself, let alone access a portal to see the progress of the case. By taking a closer look at the users of self-service portals, they realize that they are paying for a reduced service and that only the supplier realizes significant savings.

SAFETY NOTE: Equifax is the largest personal information agent in the world with sales of $ 3 billion. The piracy suffered by Equifax in September 2017 demonstrates that the risk for you to share information on the portal of a pre-employment provider is excessively important, regardless of their claim to the safety of their facilities.

QUALITY OF INFORMATION | To save several providers use a calling system identical to that used by survey companies or customer service. This system assigns your file to the next available agent.

We believe that the full handling of a file by the same agent from beginning to end allows for the necessary correlations to be made to identify quickly and effectively the inconsistencies and threats justifying the immediate termination of the hiring process. This approach ensures you get a reliable and quality report.

PROFESSIONALISM | Several customers from the competition commented on the quality of speech and professionalism of the agents employed in the competition.

We serve our customers from Canada in the official language of their choice, and impeccably. Each of our agents speaks professionally with you and each of the speakers we have to address on your behalf.




3% DIFFERENCE | The current trend is access to a self-service portal. For security reasons, our firm has always refused to follow the popular wave by offering services that could jeopardize the integrity of information obtained from customers who trust us. The public events that took place in Equifax in 2017 demonstrate that the risk remains high regardless of the security measures put in place.